God Transforms a Young Man in Congo

Mohsin grew up in a Musl*m home in Congo. His father was a mercenary soldier from Chad killed during Congo’s civil war. His mother stayed in Congo while trying desperately to make ends meet. One day Mohsin stepped in a hole and suffered a compound fracture of his leg. Eventually the wound became infected giving Mohsin a high fever. Mohsin mother did not have the money for medical care. You can imagine what a hopeless future lie ahead for Mohsin.

Fortunately, Mohsin’s mother had recently registered him for child sponsorship through Global Fingerprints. Mohsin’s care worker was alarmed when he did not arrive to pick up his backpack filled with school supplies and she went looking for him. Finding Mohsin in desperate need, she transported him to Tindala Hospital where he was treated for several months.

Eventually, Mohsin’s mother decided to travel back to Chad to find her other children. She wanted Mohsin, however, to stay in Congo to be raised by Christians after seeing the love they had shown her son.

A Christian family took Mohsin in. He is now a  young man who loves Jesus. He is excelling school. He plans to be a doctor. He will likely go on to be a leader in his community and his church. God has completely transformed his life.

This story is all the more amazing when you think of how Mohsin’s life could have turned out. Mohsin could have died. He could have become a crippled beggar. He even could have been “radicalized”. But God in His mercy plucked Mohsin out of a desperate situation and brought him into His family, both now and for eternity.