Who is GlobalFingerprints?

GlobalFingerprints is the child sponsorship program of the EFCA. Established in 2006 to help churches serve children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo, GlobalFingerprints has expanded to now serve children in 11 countries. For $35 a month, children receive help with nutrition, education, medical needs, and most importantly they have a chance to hear the hope of the Gospel. But GlobalFingerprints and sponsorship do far more in the life of a child, a family, and in a community.

GlobalFingerprints is:

-The Global Church coming together to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families.

-Careworkers building relationships with children and strengthening families by providing support, food, encouragement and the hope of the gospel.

-Indigenous Churches being planted in communities where GlobalFingerprints families live.

-Kids being able to go to school regularly and having access to medical care.

-A vital partnership between sponsors, US churches and the local church on the ground.

GlobalFingerprints is the body of Christ coming together to transform children, families, churches and communities with the hope of the Gospel.

God is expanding this partnership of GlobalFingerprints, the indigenous church, US churches, and sponsors to reach more children, families, and communities in hard places. We look forward to sharing with you the story of each of these new locations, how you can partner with GlobalFingerprints and the work that God is doing in these communities

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