When God moves at sponsorship events

One of our partner churches, Kenosha Bible Church (KBC) hosted their GlobalFingerprints Sponsorship Event on their Mission Sunday! Because of this, their global mission team had the freedom to focus the entire service on reaching vulnerable children around the world through GlobalFingerprints. It was also the 100-year anniversary of the church so they decided to set a goal of 100 children sponsored. Our GlobalFingerprints staff in attendance noted several key strategies that made their event successful.

  • Preparation:
    • Weeks before the event, a GlobalFingerprints Brochure was mailed to each family in the church so they would be familiar with GlobalFingerprints. Church staff also shared from the pulpit to inform and encourage prayer. On the Sunday of the event, those who attended were informed and ready to hear how they could impact a child’s life.
    • The church also prepared for the technological needs to allow members to easily choose a child to sponsor at the service.
  • Proclaim:
    • The mission team understood the ministry well and all wore GlobalFingerprints shirts during the event.
    • This gave them the opportunity for enriching conversations on how our organization transforms the lives of vulnerable children across the globe with the fingerprint of Christ.
  • Praise
    • During the service, an individual who had been sponsored as a child shared a moving testimony of the impact on his life. Such a powerful firsthand account solidified the value and hope GlobalFingerprints brings to sponsored children.
  • Participation
    • The entire service, from songs to the sermon, focused on their church’s witness to the world. There was intergenerational participation in the event, helping all age groups to feel a part of the church’s ministry to children living in hard places.

KBC implemented many new strategies during their Sponsorship Event. We rejoice to report that it was a resounding success! As God moved hearts, Kenosha accomplished its goal of having 100 children sponsored in coordination with their 100th anniversary of church ministry.

We encourage our other church partners to incorporate similar strategies within their own communities. Going that extra mile truly makes all the difference in the lives of these most vulnerable children. It is both humbling and exciting to witness God working in the hearts of our congregations.

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