What Makes GlobalFingerprints Unique?

By Greg Norwine, Executive Director

There are many wonderful ministries to children. In fact, there are  a number of child sponsorship programs doing great work around the world. But each ministry is unique. Here is what makes us tick.

GlobalFingerprints was launched in 2006 to help churches in Congo minister to the overwhelming number of AIDS orphans. Our mission is to transform the most vulnerable children in the world with the fingerprint of Christ through child sponsorship. In some cases, we’re reaching children in very difficult areas other children’s ministries will not go.

We lead children out of poverty and to Jesus Christ

When a child is sponsored, we commit to regularly assessing the spiritual, nutritional, medical, and educational needs of the child and use sponsorship funds to help fill in the gaps. This puts children on a path to escape the trap of poverty. As important and pressing as the physical needs of children are, we consider their relationship with Christ to be their most vital need.

We’re part of a larger church planting and growing strategy

We’re one piece of an overall strategy to plant and grow healthy churches around the world. In some cases, our child sponsorship program is giving church planters access to areas they could not reach otherwise.

Sharing the gospel and discipleship are part of our DNA

The care workers who visit sponsored children not only care for the physical needs of the child but also share the gospel and disciple them. We strive to have non-Christian as well as Christian children in the program so they can learn about Christ.

We meet regularly with each child in their home

All sponsored children are visited regularly in their homes to assess their spiritual and physical needs. This allows us to get a sense of the child’s home life and to reach the entire family for Christ.

We empower local Christians to care for their children in need

We know national Christians care deeply about vulnerable children and know best how to help them. We equip, resource, and provide accountability, but local Christians run the program and care for the children.

All of the Christian ministries helping children in need are on the same team. But each of us are also unique. If our distinctives resonate with you, we would love to have you partner with us to help children in great need.