Unlikely Convert Baptized with His Only Daughter in Myanmar

Editor’s Note: We want our GlobalFingerprints children to be nurtured by a local church. But in some unreached areas where we serve, there is no local church. That’s why GlobalFingerprints partners with a church-planting movement in the country of Myanmar. By loving and serving the children in poor communities, GlobalFingerprints opens the door to build relationships with families and plant a church. Below is one story of how God used this powerful combination of child sponsorship and church planting to reach an unlikely convert. It is told by Pastor Pau, one of the church planters serving alongside GlobalFingerprints.

There is a father who is 70 years old and his daughter (sponsored by GlobalFingerprints) is about ten years old. They are homeless and his daughter has been coming to our church. But the father was very angry. He didn’t like his daughter to be in our Christian community.

But as we showed love and helped with clothes, books and other gifts, he began to open up. He came came to see what his daughter is doing during the Saturday and Sunday programs. And He was drawn to the love of God.

…We really thank God, that his old man finally received Jesus Christ and he took water baptism together with his only daughter.

To hear Pastor Pau tell this story and learn other ways God is working in Myanmar, click on this link  


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