Hosting a Virtual GlobalFingerprints Orphan Sunday Event in 2020

No doubt COVID-19 has negatively impacted your life. But for orphans and vulnerable children, the impact of COVID-19 is multiplied many times over. The pandemic has shut down factories that day laborers depend on to feed their families. It has made food prices in the market skyrocket. It has closed down schools. The bottom line is that COVID-19 has put children who normally live on the edge of survival at even greater risk.

Meanwhile, many people in your church are looking for opportunities to serve the Lord and demonstrate the love of Christ without risk of greater exposure to COVID-19.

In addition, GlobalFingerprints is partnering with a church-planting movement in India. By sponsoring children in Hindu communities (our focus in 2020) you will be opening doors to plant churches in five new villages. (It is possible to promote GlobalFingerprints sites in other countries as well. Contact Marcela at for more details.)

So, Orphan Sunday, on Sunday, November 8 is more important in 2020 than ever before. That’s why we have produced a suite of digital resources to help you run a virtual GlobalFingerprints Orphan Sunday Event to encourage your congregation to sponsor GlobalFingerprints children. In fact, this new virtual Orphan Sunday approach makes it simpler than ever to host a GlobalFingerprints Event.

Here’s How It Will Work

Social Media posts: We are providing social media posts that you can post on your social media platform in the weeks leading up to Orphan Sunday so members of your congregation can pray about how God wants them to be involved.

Orphan Sunday Video and Announcement: We will provide a video that explains the ministry of Orphan Sunday and encourages your congregation to sponsor a child. You can play the video both in live services and broadcast services. We will also provide talking points for before and after the video. We’ve found congregations sponsor more children when their pastor tells them this is an official initiative of their church.

Text Response: Members of the congregation will be encouraged to respond by texting a five-digit number. When they text, they will receive a response with a link to sponsor a GlobalFingerprints child.

Feedback Loop: The churches that make the greatest impact set a goal and promote sponsorship of GlobalFingerprints children over several weeks (Maybe Orphan Sunday through Thanksgiving). So, we will keep you apprised of how many people from your church have sponsored a child so you can encourage the congregation with their combined impact.

How to Register

To register for GlobalFingerprints Orphan Sunday 2020 click here. Marcela, the GlobalFingerprints Orphan Sunday Coordinator, will contact you with the latest information.

Orphan Sunday 2020 Resources

Click here to access the GlobalFingerprints 2020 resources.

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