Promise Home Opens for Sponsored Children with Disabilities in Congo

By Rachel Balia, GlobalFingerprints Site Coordinator in the Democratic Republic of Congo

What a wonderful, happy day! We worked so hard to get the Promise Home
ready for its dedication.

President Alenge, the leader of the Evangelical Free Church denomination in Congo, spoke from John 5 about the paralytic who had been lying by the Bethesda Pool for 38 years, with no one to help him enter the water. His main points:

  • This man had no one. He was helpless and alone.
  • Others perhaps gave him a dollar; only Jesus could heal him.
  • Religious leaders passed him every day for 38 years, but never stopped.
  • We also ignore, yell at and marginalize those living with disabilities.
  • Yet, Jesus loved this man and went out of his way to heal him.
  • So must we, all the while remembering that it is Jesus ALONE who saves.

The kids have all arrived, the last being Chantelle. She wasn’t chosen for this
year, but when she crawled to the Promise Home and looked up at us, it was impossible to turn her away. She is in constant pain if she straightens up.

In the midst of all our joy, there have been tears. Nambala, who was to be our first child and student at the Promise Home, died.

A couple of years ago, I met Nambala, roaming the streets in Tandala and surrounding villages. He had no one to love him. Everyone laughed at him. He walked funny, talked funny, his teeth decayed, feet full of infection, malnourished.

We started sponsoring him—yet realized after some months that our gifts of money
and things could not help him if he was not in a thriving, loving environment. Thus, the
Promise Home dream was for Nambala! Two days before the Dedication, we received a message that Nambala had died. He had been found in a ditch by the side of the road. My heart cried out for him.

I had grown to love Nambala and was so excited that he would be living in a home with
parents and others to show him the love of Jesus. Nambala loved God and sang praises to the Lord Jesus all the time. My comfort is in knowing that he is in a much better Home in Jesus’ village.

Though Nambala never experienced living in a secure, loving family, pray that many other kids just like him will have the opportunity!

Through the generosity of God’s people, the Promise Home is now open. But we continue to have financial needs. All the children in the Promise Home are sponsored children but we will need to subsidize their $35 per month sponsorship contribution. The children need special wheelchairs, medical care & therapy, daily meals, clothes, school supplies, and loving adults caring for them 24 hours a day.

We also would like to put a fence around the Promise Home property to protect the children and the home from thieves and to make it possible for the children to have a garden and raise animals.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Promise Home or support the Promise Home on a monthly basis, send a check to:

  • EFCA Donor Services
  • 901 E 78th St, Minneapolis, MN 55420.
  • In the memo line please put: Promise Home Congo/GF #2150-3854

Or to contribute online:

  1. Click here to begin.
  2. In the “Designation” box, list the “Promise Home”
  3. Follow the prompts to fill in your contact and payment information.