Part 3: GlobalFingerprints Doctor Shares Liberia Experience

Dr. Staab had the pleasure of witnessing GlobalFingerprint’s successful partnership in Liberia, a country located on the West African Coast, this past April! He shares how our partnerships with these local churches has grown since our initial launch and offers key insights on what this momentous success looks like across different areas of Liberia. Below is the final part of his in-depth look at his time in Liberia.

“When I left Liberia back in April of this year, I left with a growing admiration for the role GlobalFingerprints has in Liberia! The network of Evangelical Free Churches in West Africa was mature and well-established. The Twentieth Century had seen them grow under missionary input, and become independent, self-sustaining congregations with their own Christian schools. Both churches and schools had struggled against Ebola outbreaks, civil war, corruption, and rising crime. Ten years ago, GlobalFingerprints came to partner with those battered, yet beautiful churches. For example, a school with only thirty sponsored children out of one hundred and fifty total students would now be able to hire teachers, purchase land, or expand school buildings. Each and every measurable quality was successfully elevated. How? The local African leaders were responsible, savvy, and patient individuals. They worked their networks of influence, hired quality people, scrimped, saved, and did construction work firsthand. The results are visible! Grateful, hardworking church members “own” their schools. They carry hope in their eyes, mouths, and hearts. Hope for their children, churches, and country. Your support is encouraging them to carry on!”

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