Missional Kids

Raise children who are Compassionate, Empathetic, Generous, and Grateful

GlobalFingerprints is a child sponsorship program with a a desire to see children become world changers.

Sponsor a Child

When you sponsor a child in poverty for $39 per month, GlobalFingerprints helps them  go to school, get the nutrition they need and learn about Jesus through the local church. 

When we surveyed our sponsors, 70% of those with a child in elementary school told us they sponsored a child to teach their own children the importance of helping the poor. 

Register for Free Missional Kids Experience

When you sponsor a child in Liberia or India*, you are eligible to receive the free Missional Kids Experience.

Designed for kids ages six to twelve, this fun and educational program engages children in the sponsorship experience as they learn about the country of Liberia where your sponsored child lives. Missional Kids includes the children’s book When I Saw You by Stephanie Foerstch as well as five activity guides mailed directly to your home that help your child understand more about the life, faith and challenges of the child you sponsor in Liberia or India.

Themed around the Biblical values of compassion, empathy, generosity and gratitude and filled with games and hands-on activities, the Missional Kids guides were created to allow children to learn on their own while inviting deeper conversations with you.

To sign up for the free Missional Kids Experience, sponsor a child in Liberia.

*GlobalFingerprints serves children in 12 countries but currently, Missional Kids is only available for children sponsored in Liberia and India. Missional Kids guides for more countries are coming soon. 

What could Missional Kids look like in your family?

See how other families have used child sponsorship and Missional Kids to teach their children to be compassionate world changers. 

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Stephanie Foerstch is an author, blogger, follower of Christ and mother of three rambunctious children. In this article, Stephanie shares how you can help your children avoid selfishness and develop greater compassion for those in need, just like Jesus.