How to Help Children without a Sponsor Go To School This Year

While children in the US are busy getting ready to go back to school, GlobalFingerprints has over 500 children on our waiting list who may not be able to go to school unless someone sponsors them.

As you may know, many schools in the developing world charge school fees and require students to purchase a uniform and their own school supplies. This is beyond the reach of many poor families.

When poor families can scrape up enough to pay school fees, it makes it more difficult for them to meet the other basic needs of their children.

The bottom line is that sponsoring a child helps the child to go to school and parents to care for their children.

In light of that, would you consider helping children go to school in one of two ways?

Help find a child a sponsor. Maybe you can sponsor another child so they can go to school, receive proper medical care and hear about Jesus. Or, perhaps, you can share this need with a friend or family member who also has a heart for vulnerable children. (Remind them it’s only about $1 per day to change a life!). Click here to find a child waiting for someone to sponsor them. 

Contribute to our School Supplies Fund. Giving a special gift will help children go to school by paying for their backpacks, uniforms, and other needed supplies. Click here to make a contribution to the school supplies fund. 

Thank you for all you are already doing to help vulnerable children and also considering this need!



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