How GlobalFingerprints Got Started

In 1922, Titus Johnson arrived in Congo, Central Africa, now known as The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Titus was a Bible College graduate who possessed an innate passion to serve the Congolese people. Titus immersed himself in African culture and society straightaway, learning Lingala, a local trade language. From there, Titus was able to utilize his God-given gifts in the Ubangi region, bringing the Gospel to many Ubangi tribes.

Today, the sacrificial work of Titus Johnson has grown into what we now refer to as CECU, or the Evangelical Community of Christ in Ubangi. CECU, essentially the Evangelical Free Church in the Congo, has flourished into over one thousand local churches which continue to reproduce new churches. This year, the EFCA is celebrating one hundred years of ministry partnership in Congo!

The GlobalFingerprints ministry started in Congo in 2014 to aid orphans of the AIDS Epidemic. Today, GlobalFingerprints has grown to serve over 1900 children in the DRC. Through continued partnership with CECU, we help to improve and empower the livelihoods of these children by providing education, caring for any unmet physical needs (i.e. food and shelter), and nurturing their spiritual relationship with Christ. It is through Christ, in partnership with CECU, sponsors, and churches in the United States that our children are able to thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We invite you to join us in this 100-year celebration by sponsoring a Child via GlobalFingerprints. Visit There are over 200 Congolese children awaiting a sponsor.

If you are interested in partnering further with the ministry in Congo, the EFCA is seeking churches to join the Congo Consortium, to support development projects such as launching a radio station or training leaders. For more information on these opportunities, visit: The Congo Consortium

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