God Working Powerfully Among Syrian Refugee Children

The collapse of law and order in Syria, which caused millions of Syrians to flee for their lives, is one of the great tragedies of our day. In a matter of months, millions of Syrians were displaced from their homes.

But God has not forgotten these people. He is doing a great work among the displaced Syrian refugees.

The pastor of a partner church in the Middle East has a great burden for the Syrian people. His church has begun a ministry called the Spring which helps to meet the basic needs of Syrian refugees. The refugee families arrive with whatever they can carry, so the Spring provides food, medical assistance, mattresses, and other necessities. It also provides Bible studies for children and adults.

GlobalFingerprints is partnering with the Spring to help meet the needs of the refugee children. In June, the Spring hosted two weeks of camp for the children. This allowed them to get away from the pressures of refugee life and to be a child again. Here is a first-hand report about how God was at work in the lives of children during the camps.

The story of Jane

Jane was singing one of the hymns with the words “Jesus paid our ransom”. After the meeting she went to one of the leaders and asked them “Did you feel cold while we were singing these words?” The leader said he was not. She said, “I felt cold and I felt that something went into my heart”. So, we explained to her that was the Holy Spirit entering into her life. We prayed with her. She said that she wants to know and learn more, so pray for us to have wisdom about how to help these children grow in their faith.

The Story of Darine

Darine was also at the camp. During another hymn with the lyrics “Thank you Lord Jesus because you died on the cross and took my place”, she started crying. We took her aside and asked her why she was crying. She said, “I felt great joy and then I started crying without noticing.” We also prayed with her and she gave her life to Jesus. After the meeting, one girl came and said, “Can you pray with me like you prayed with Darine?” So, we also prayed with her.

Praise God that He has not forgotten the Syrian people and is using this crises to draw many to Himself.

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