Part 1: GlobalFingperints Doctor Shares Liberia Experience

Dr. Staab (in the hat) on site in Liberia

Over the next seveal blog posts we are excited to share a unique perspective of the GlobalFingerprints program with you! Dr. Dave Staab serves as one of ReachGlobal’s staff doctors, and has served on a medical team that recently visited GlobalFingerprints’ Liberia Site as well!

“When our medical team arrived at the New Hope School in Caldwell, Liberia, it was incredibly hot. Upon my own personal arrival in Liberia, I couldn’t help but notice the number of people wearing long sleeves, down-filled jackets, and hats. So I wasn’t too surprised to see a teenage girl wearing a stocking hat amongst the curious school children who greeted both myself and our medical team. We were there to perform an outdoor health screening visit consisting of establishing age, checking height and weight, listening to the heart and lungs, checking hemoglobin levels, and encouraging the kids to continue their studies.

When Sarah came up for her turn wearing her stocking hat, her story was finally shared. Her child advocate, Mardea, explained that Sarah had suffered hair loss as a toddler after an undisclosed illness. Sarah was embarrassed, anxious, always on the verge of tears, and in great pain about her baldness. I asked Nancy, one of my fellow team members, to comfort Sarah while I took a look. Sarah shook as I lifted the slightest corner of her stocking hat. I could see no hair nor feel any stubble. Sarah was a bald thirteen-year-old girl. I would have liked to do a much more thorough exam but recognized how my examination could easily become traumatic for Sarah. So, I stopped and let Nancy hold the tearful teen in a comforting embrace.

I cannot imagine life for Sarah in a village full of boys far too eager to pull off her stocking hat and laugh at her. Sarah’s one and only safe place were the New Hope School Yard, where she was always respected, accepted, and protected.”

3 thoughts on “Part 1: GlobalFingperints Doctor Shares Liberia Experience

  1. Nancy Kuckler Reply

    Dear Dr. Dave,
    Thanks so much for sharing your touching blog. I think of Sarah often, praying for God’s protection, grace and guidance, so Sarah may continue to grow in His love, rise above the physical and mental challenges through continued education, support and the love of the many kind people God has placed in her life.
    Thanks for all you do.

  2. Ruth Hryshkanych Reply

    Do you need Days for Girls hygiene kits in Liberia? Are you allowed to ship to them. I have some I can share but they have to be allowed through customs and not available for sale by women already making and distributing them in that area.

    • Emily Lewis Post authorReply

      Hi Ruth! Thanks for asking.

      I will put you in touch with the site coordinator for Liberia and she will be able to tell you what they need .

      – Emily Lewis – GF Director of Communications

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