GlobalFingerprints Sponsorship Event

Kareem, Ruth, James, Abel.

These names represent the hundreds of vulnerable children who are awaiting sponsors. By hosting a sponsorship event with your church or organization, you can be a part of bringing life transformation to children like Kareen, Ruth, James and Abel.  

What is a Sponsorship Event?

We know that local church partnerships are key in seeing children sponsored, communities transformed and churches planted, strengthened, and revitalized. We wanted to make a super simple way for you to share with your congregation, about GlobalFingerprints and how they can get involved.  

Simply put, a GlobalFingerprints Sponsorship Event is a time to share with your congregation about how they can make a difference in the life of a child through sponsorship.

To make this as easy as possible for you, we have put together a GlobalFingerprints Sponsorship Event Kit Box. Mailed to you two weeks before your event date, this box contains all the supplies and instructions you need to host an event. 

Get started in a few easy steps!

Step 1: Pick a Date 

and register for your event. This helps best serve you and ensures your receive materials and support on time!


Step 2: Get Ready to Host your Event.

Whether this is your first time hosting an event or your 10th, we want to help make sure things go well! Check out this handy guide on running a sponsorship event.

 Have questions? Email us and we would be happy to help

Step 3: Host your Sponsorship Event!

The big day is here! Share with your congregation about how they can sponsor a child

Step 4: See Children’s Lives Transformed 

After your event, someone from our team will follow up with you to let you know how many children your church has sponsored

Step 5: Partner with GlobalFingerprints

– Commit to hosting an annual sponsorship event

– Engage families with sponsorship process through missional kids

– Become a Partner Church. This involves a deeper commitment and can include things like sending teams, training pastors and more.