GlobalFingerprints and Districts 2022

GlobalFingerprints is the child sponsorship program of the EFCA. Our vision is to see the lives of vulnerable children transformed through the love of Christ and His church.  As these children are sponsored, they are encourage to develop a strong relationship with Christ, positively impact their community, have healthy lives and relationships and become educated and able to sustain themselves long term. 

It’s not just adults who can make an impact on these children through sponsorship, we believe that your students also have the ability to make an impact in the life of a child on the other side of the world.

Give your students the experience of a missions trip without leaving the country

At the Conference

Missions Experience 

Through three different stations, students will experience the reality of life for the child on their lanyard. There will also be an opportunity for students to process what they have learned. In addition, you will be provided a packet that includes reflection questions and support materials. We hope that students leave the experience thinking differently as a result of what they learned. 

Prayer Lanyard 

Students and leaders will receive a lanyard with a child to pray for throughout the conference. We hope this encourages conversations about the impact of prayer and challenges them to think beyond themselves.

sample of prayer lanyard

After the Conference

Plan a mission moment at your church: The students will come back equipped and challenged to share the impact of sponsorship and the need for sponsors for the children they have been praying for. You can help by providing an opportunity for them to share this need with others. This can look like 

  • Sharing in service during your update on the conference experience 
  • Setting up time for 1-3 students to share their experience with a small group or adult Sunday school class 
  • Encouraging students to share with their own families

Below are several resources to help you process this experience with your students, as well a help share the opportunity to sponsor with your congregation.