Bless GlobalFingerprints Children this Christmas

You may be wondering how you can bring hope to GlobalFingerprints children this Christmas season.

Although we don’t send Christmas gifts to specific children, we do have several ways you can bless many sponsored children. In fact, your Christmas gift will help bring hope to these precious children all year long.

  • Many sponsored children don’t have a Bible. Supply Bibles for children for $5 each.
  • Gardens provide essential nutrition for families. Supply seeds and tools for $25 per family.
  • Sponsor a child who’s been waiting more than one year for a sponsor. This would be a wonderful gift for them this Christmas. $35 per month.
  • A university education can completely change a child’s future. Contribute $1,000 to our scholarship fund for sponsored children bridging out of GlobalFingerprints.
  • There are no special services for disabled children. Crippled children simply drag themselves around their village. Help launch a GlobalFingerprints home for disabled children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A gift of any amount will help make this happen. A wheelchair/bike can be built and delivered for $250 dollars.

To contribute to any of these ministries described above, make your check out to EFCA and mail to EFCA, 901 East 78th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55420. Please, include a brief note explaining how you want your contribution distributed between these various funds.