God brings big growth in East Asia

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, data findings suggest that thirty-seven percent of all children in Vietnam live in severely impoverished areas and conditions. The Culture Atlas states that Vietnam considers itself an atheist state.  Pew Research Center shows that 45% of Vietnam’s 96 million residents practice folk religions, 29.9% are areligious, and 16.2% are Buddhists. However, Christianity is the only religion projected to grow between now and 2050.

One of the church planters working to effect this change is Lan who leads a key church planting network. Lan and his wife Hanh, the program manager for GlobalFingerprints Vietnam, are reaching out to children in need, one sponsorship at a time.

In June 2019, we launched our first site in Vietnam in partnership with five house churches. Program manager Hanh and site coordinator Mike Roberts set out with a goal to have fifty children sponsored when the program launched and to add an additional fifty children to the program by the year’s end. Together, they accomplished just that. And as of March 2023, they’ve managed to increase their number of children to just shy of 300 and over 17 church plants and 32.

Working to care for these children, are thirty-two care workers and volunteers committed to ministering to these children day in and day out. Each sponsorship provides care for a child’s spiritual, nutritional, medical, and educational needs, and is having a tangible impact on Vietnamese families.

GlobalFingerprints is proving to be a door-opener for these churches,” Lan explains. “Both Christian and non-Christian parents are grateful for the resources provided for their children and for them as parents. Your sponsorship commitment assists with many needs and has proven to be a great way to connect with families that otherwise have little interest in knowing Jesus.”

“On behalf of our team, we would like to convey our appreciation to you for your prayers and your sponsorships to Vietnam GlobalFingerprints children, especially throughout the most challenging time of this pandemic,” Phumy joins in. “May God bless you for your generosity and for your love to our children.”

At this time, there are still over 15 children still unsponsored. Could you be the person one of these children is waiting for? Click here to learn about the children who are still waiting.

Additionally, please join us in praying for the lasting effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic to subside, so our Global Fingerprints crew is able to travel to Vietnam once again, and offer abundant support in these dire times. Let us also pray for Christ’s word to continue to expand and manifest into churches across all of Vietnam.

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